About Us

Novawave Publications LLC was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Oct  18th  2013. The original idea for this calendar format was conceived by sculptor and graphic artist Martin D Richman in 1992. His other projects intervened until in May of 2013, when after much contemplation and labor, the original idea evolved into what he believes is a worthwhile creation. One of the projects that he was involved with has been coined “Diatropes”, which have been incorporated into the Novawave calendar as the background pattern. Diatropes  have many other commercial applications, in any printed medium. These include wallpaper, fabrics, vinyl flooring and surface textures on molded plastics to name a few. Hopefully we have instilled a little pizzaz in an otherwise hum-drum traditional calendar look.

Martin was inspired by the mind and work of R. Buckminster Fuller. When “Bucky” was a young man in the US navy he was galvanized by watching the bubbles that were spontaneously produced in the wakes of  ships at sea. Later in life he applied his observations to the mathematics of geodesic domes. The original idea for this calendar also came from contemplation of bubbles and the close packing of spheres. We would hope that the NovaWave Calendar would further inspire others to embrace new perspectives in lieu of the status-quo, and to welcome fresh new points of view to enhance our experience of everyday life.